Brianna W.

Thank you so much for accompanying us on our special day and being the one to seal the deal of our union. The ceremony was magical, unique, and fun, and we got a lot of positive feedback from our guests about it! It was structured and yet compact, not overly long or too quick. It kept the interest of everyone (well except for maybe the kids…) and you did such a splendid job telling our story as if you were watching it like a movie. My goal was to keep the guests as entertained as Daniel and I, as much as possible, to make them laugh and to make them cry. We were able to accomplish all of that with your help.

I am so thrilled that Melissa recommended you. I wasn’t sure what to expect but because it’s Melissa I knew I could hope for wonderful things. I have no regrets choosing you! Thank you for continuing to be great by helping us understand the ceremonial process, sharing your research of the native Hawaiian gatherings, as well as how to go about changing my last name officially. You made it very easy for us and we appreciate you!